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Ex cel lence
I have awfully longed for height of dignity
of mason culture of, Europe to oneself who
grew up by wooden culture.
Where does Porsche which is own car in particular
say with the warmth that resembled a wooden
building of yore for ferocious exercise performancewithout
If there is warmth, and there is such an
idea, and you are exaggerated, and unbearable has
said, do you say with a design of
If good of furnishings was enacted,
I thought and produced a kit of Volkswagen
golf4 that at first was own car of a wifefirst.
While there was it, purity was more
elegant EEE and tried to produce it ina concept.
I put an idea and named
Ex cel lence
and am defeated before the name and don't
seem to do a brand name either and want to
try it hard.
ciary yPORSCHE911z
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